The highest sea cliffs in Europe, Slieve League is a breathtaking Peninsula just a 1 hour drive from the Sandhouse Hotel. Breathe in the salty sea air and take in the panorama of blue sky and ocean melting together. At the summit of Europe’s highest sea cliffs, it’s as if you’re walking among the clouds. Look down, and you’ll see the Atlantic Ocean swirling and crashing onto the rocks below.
From the viewpoint, the paths become rocky as you venture further up the wilds of Slieve League, so care must be taken when treading these paths. A guided walk of the cliffs will treat you to insights and stories about the local wildlife and landscapes, and for the experienced hikers, take the challenging journey from Pilgrim’s Path along One Man’s Pass, which will bring you up to the summit of the cliffs. Try to stop your knees shaking as you look down the 609m (1,998 ft) drop below!

See Europe’s Highest Accessible Sea Cliffs
from the Sea.

Sliabh Liag Boat Trips have been running since 1995 and are a family run charter boat who do boat trips to Sliabh Liag Cliffs and eco trips on Donegal bay.

From up at the main viewpoint, the boats in the sea below look like ants. From down below looking up, the cliffs look even more impressive than ever! On a Slieve League Boat Tour you will be guided around the waters by your friendly skipper, who will tell stories as you look up in awe at the cliffs piercing the skies above. Stop in one of the many coves under the cliffs for some sun and a swim, and you might even be joined by friendly visitors – basking sharks, dolphins and seals often swim these waters too!