Relaxing Swedish Massage

Relaxing Swedish Massage

Everyday stresses will melt away with our nurturing massage designed to induce full body relaxation. Feel deeply relaxed & rejuvenated as stress and tensions melt from the body. Your mind will be calmer & senses awakened, restoring feelings of wellbeing.

35 MINUTES // €59.00

50 MINUTES // €74.00

75 MINUTES // €99.00

35 Minute 50 Minute 75 Minute

Deep Recovery Massage

Restore balance to the body, designed to soothe muscle tension and release stress from the body. Your personalised massage will focus on areas of tension, stress or discomfort. This treatment uses hot oils to soothe tired tense muscles and revive the senses.

35 MINUTES // €65.00

50 MINUTES // €83.00

75 MINUTES // €115.00

Deep Recovery Massage
Full Body Wrap & Hot Stone Treatment

Voyager Massage Journey

A true grounding journey, incorporating scalp massage, face massage, stretches and body massage that replicates the movement of the sea combining both gentle and stimulating movements. The ultimate luxury treatment to relieve aches and pains tailored to individual needs. Includes: body brush, body massage, application of body lotion, facial massage, scalp massage. 

80 MINUTES // €120.00

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